A Case Study of Transference   (1994-1995)


Performance / mixed media installation: male and female live pigs printed in false English and Chinese scripts, books.

The work consists of a performance by two live breeding pigs. These two pigs are introduced to an enclosed exhibition area filled with books in different languages. Unreadable characters are printed all over the bodies of the two pigs. The print on the male pig resembles written English and the print on the female pig resembles Chinese. During the performance the two animals begin to mate inside the exhibition area.

The first time this piece was performed an unexpected relationship between the spectator and the spectacle was revealed. Before the exhibition, everyone was worried about the modesty the performing animals would feel before an audience and whether it would prevent them from committing the crucial act. During the show, however, it was the audience who felt embarrassed while the pigs made love with great abandon.

Video installations have been used to present this performance. When the performance is staged with live animals, the artist goes to great pains to select pigs that will be prepared to mate on cue. It can be performed inside or outside.

Photo Gallery
Never before seem photos of Cultural Animal (1994)

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