Curatorial Projects 學術研討会及展览策划与主持


“艺术家的手: 技术, 传统, 方向”系列国际学术研讨会、工作坊及艺术作品展览

2016年11月美国哈佛大学美国罗德岛设计艺术学院 / 2017年6月中国美术学院

总学术主持人: 汪悦进教授 (哈佛大学)、王赞教授 (中国美术学院)
策划人: Fletcher Coleman 孔哲 (哈佛大学)、喻干(中国美术学院)
“The Artist’s Hand: Technologies, Traditions, Trajectories International Conference Exhibition and Workshop Series

Nov, 2016: Harvard University and Rhode Island School of Design / Jun, 2017: China Academy of Art

Chief Academic Hosts: Prof. Eugene Wang (Harvard University), Prof. Wang Zan (China Academy of Art)

Curators: Fletcher Coleman (Harvard University), Dr. Gan Yu (China Academy of Art)

“The Artist’s Hand: Technologies, Traditions, Trajectories” seeks to explore the role of the individual artist’s hand in relationship to the cutting-edge processes and modes of art historical analysis deployed in the twenty-first century. In the age of digital production and reproduction, what role does the hand play in engendering the formation of an original artwork? How do contemporary artists negotiate the boundary of old traditions and new trajectories?



总学术主持人: 范景中教授(中国美术学院)曹意强教授(中国术学美院)汪悦进教授(哈佛大学)江文葦博士(耶鲁大学)


New Perspectives on the Silk Road: 2015 International Conference on the Kizil Cave Paintings was jointly organized by China Academy of Art and the Xinjiang Kucha Academy. The conference will provide an overview of the research on Kizil cave paintings and Buddhist art, the preservation and restoration of monuments, and other related topics about the Silk Road. This Conference will bring together distinguished experts and scholars in this field from all over the world. There will be more than 100 delegates from countries such as China, the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy, Japan, and Taiwan among others. The Conference will be held in Hangzhou and Xinjiang. It is expected to be one of the largest international academic research events happening in mainland China about the Kizil grottoes and related topics.




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