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The Rhetoric of Bool Illustration

Posthuman Inscape: Sterling Ruby's VIVIDS Paintings and Subjectivity Whithout Subject


Afterlife Entertainment? The Cauldron and Bare-torso Figures at the First Emperor's Tomb

What Happened to the First Emperor’s Afterlife Spirit?
Ascend to Heaven or Stay in the Tomb? Paintings in Mawangdui Tomb 1 and the Virtual Ritual of Revival in Second-Century BCE China
Why Pictures in Tombs? Mawangdui Once More
Jouissance of Death? Han sarcophagi from Sichuan and the Art of Physiological Alchemy
Crystallizing the 'Bleary Blur': Bronze Mat Weights and the Emergence of New Plastic Thinking in Western Han Dynasty
Mirror, Death, and Rhetoric: Reading Later Han Bronze Artifacts
What Do Trigrams Have to Do with Buddhas? The Northern Liang Stupas as a Hybrid Spatial Model
The Shadow Image in the Cave: Discourse on Icons
Refiguring: The Visual Rhetoric of the Sixth-Century Northern Wei 'Filial Piety' Engravings
Painted Statue in an Optical Theater: A Fifth-Century Chinese Buddhist Cave
Patterns Above and Within: The Picture of the Turning Sphere and Medieval Chinese Astral Imagination
Mirror, Moon, and Memory in Eighth-Century China: From Dragon Pond to Lunar Palace
The Emperor's New Body
Where Did the Picture of the Auspicious Omen Come from? Manufacture of Sites and Sights in Seventh-Century China
Of the True Body The Famen Monastery Relics and Corporeal Tranformation in Tang Imperial Culture
Oneiric Horizons and Dissolving Bodies: Buddhist Cave Shrine as Mirror Hall
Tope and Topos: The Leifeng Pagoda and the Discourse of the Demonic
Ritual Practice without Practitioner? Early Eleventh Century Dharani Prints in the Ruiguangsi Pagoda
"Picture Idea" and Its Cultural Dynamics in Northern Song China
Why Was There No Chinese Painting of Marco Polo? The Vexed Art of Itinerancy
The Elegiac Cicada; Problem of Historical Interpretation of Yuan Painting
Perceptions of Change, Changes in Perception--West Lake as Contested Site/Sight in the Wake of the 1911 Revolution
The Winking Owl: Visual Effects and Its Art Historical Thick Description
All in the Name of Tradition: Ink Medium in Contemporary Chinese Art
Contemporary Chinese Art: Three Decades/Themes
Red Sorghum: Mixing Memory and Desire
The Old Well: A Womb or Tomb? The Double Perspective in Wu Tianming's "Old Well."
Aftershock: Eugene Wang on the Recent Works of Liu Xiaodong



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