装置艺术<<股票交易系统>>获优秀作品奖 Installation Art <<A Trading System>> Awarded A Prize of Excellence
作品创意: 喻干    电脑制作: 刘艳
System and Artwork Design: Yu Gan....Image Computer Generation: Liu Yan


................................................................................................. ............................ ...... ........ ....... ............高德荣摄影 Photograph by Gao Derong
<<A Trading System>>

This is the system that I created in 2003 for helping me trade stocks in the U.S. equity market. Initially, the only reason for creating this system was for that purpose. I monitored a handful of indicators that were most sensitive to broader market fluctuations in order to understand the rhythm of motions in the U.S. equity market more effectively. I laid these indicators on one spreadsheet and tracked their daily fluctuations, looking to perhaps discover rules that govern how the market moves. As an artist, I am particularly sensitive to colors. I used three colors, green, white, and yellow, to represent rising, steady, and falling prices respectively. Over time, I noticed that the sprawling numeric figures and clusters of colors have transformed my stock trading system into a continuous piece of abstract art. Each cell is a precise record of market behavior. These quantitative figures tell the story of current social and political conditions, economic performance, investor sentiment, and individual dispositions. They become authentic accounts linking together disparate periods of societal activity. This trading system that I independently developed can serve two purposes. Superficially, it can serve as map for aspiring investors when navigating the opportunities and hazards of the U.S. equity market. From a deeper understanding, it can also serve as a piece of visual art, which from the perspective of abstract art, narrates the pervasive, intimate role that the U.S. equity market plays in the daily lives of ordinary individuals. I realize that financial markets are in fact the world's largest piece of group action art, perpetually creating unique patterns every day. 

This artwork has three basic functions. The first is as a tool to anticipate the direction in which the U.S. equity market will move. Through years of repeated use, this system has revealed a pattern that investors exploit: when a cluster of green cells forms, one should place buy orders whereas if a cluster of yellow cells forms, then sell orders would be a prudent choice. The colors on the left side is generally opposite of the colors on the right because the clusters on the left foreshadow what will appear on the right over the subsequent days or weeks. Historical accuracy has affirmed the reliability of this pattern. The second function is an aesthetically pleasing arrangement of sprawling numbers and colors in which are constantly changing over time. Within the confines of spaces that I designed, colors combine in unpredictable ways, forming patterns that galvanize the visual senses. From numbers organized into a mechanical grid arrangement arise unpredictable color patterns that defy organization. The third function is to chronicle history. Like an electrocardiograph for the U.S. economy, the trading system registers investor behavior, disposition, and sentiments using numbers and colors. I think this presents a new avenue of expression for abstract art.

System and Artwork Design: Yu Gan....Image Computer Generation: Liu Yan

About the Artists

Yu Gan graduated from the Art Department of Minnesota State University and obtained the Master of Arts degree in Studio Art in 1990. Currently, He is a guest professor at Shanghai Institute of Visual Art , Fudan University and a visiting professor at Shanghai Institute of Technology, Yu Gan is also an executive director of eChinaArt.com Cooperation. eChinaArt.com is a website founded by Yu Gan in New York City in 2000. It advocates and promotes Chinese artists, and facilitates the exchange of contemporary art between East and West, and to presented artists, exhibitions, and interviews on the Internet around the world. Yu Gan's efforts have drawn lots of medium attentions during the past twelve years. From over two decades of observing economic patterns, Yu Gan realized that the global stock market is in fact, history's largest perpetual piece of group action art. New York to London, Hong Kong to Shanghai, nothing interrupts global economic activity, thereby continuously sketching new designs on stock charts. Along with his artistic activities, Yu Gan has long been fascinated with creative writing. His book <<Footprints Across The Ocean>>, a collection of his prose, critiques and personal interviews will be published and distributed nationwide by Fudan University Press in the summer, 2012.

Liu Yan graduated from the Department of Economics at Fudan University. She has studied Art and Design at the Fashion Institute of Technology of the City University of New York, and the Parson’s School of Design. Liu Yan is currently working as a computer graphic art designer in New York City.

<< 股市交易系统 >>

     这是一个我在2003年创造的美国股市的交易系统。当时设计它的唯一目的是了做股票。为了更好地理解金融市场运作规律,我从美国股市众多的数据中挑选出对整体市场波动最敏感的一些指 标,把它们组合在一个特定的范围内,每天记录它们量性变化来找出市场交易的规律。由于我是一个艺术家,对色 彩比 较敏感,所以我就用绿黄白三快颜色来表示 “涨” ,“跌” 和 “观望” 的概念。随着 时间的增加,这时我发现密布的数据和变化多端的色彩区域把我的股票交易系统变成了一幅幅永不重复的抽象艺术作品。画面中每一个数据都在精确地计录市场行为,它们是当代社会政治状况,经济运作,投资思维和个人心理情绪的量化表现。它们是一个个不同阶段社会活动的真实记录。我把这个由自己独立设计的,经时间考验证明很有实用价值的<<股市交易系统>> 移植到画布上作为视觉艺术作品公开展示,从抽象 艺术的角度来展现当代社会一种普遍的与人们日常生活密切相关的现象。我认为全球穿梭接力般昼夜不息的市活动是一个最大的群体行为艺术现象。

这件作品有三个基本功能。第一是实用,经过年的市场验证,它证实了一个规律: 在左 则区域绿色成片时它显示买进信号,见黄色成片时它提供卖出信号。该系统当日左侧的色区与右侧实际交易结果的颜色往住是相反的,它是在为后几日或几周的市场大趋势做预测。后面的历史见证了这个规律有很高的准确性。第二是 艺术观赏,那些布满画面的数字是作品的主体,每日都在变化,它们在我所设定的特定色彩区域内形成许多令人捉摸不定的图形而刺激视觉器官,使有次序的数字结果带来无次序的色彩构成,每时每刻都可造就出不同的色彩和视觉效果。第三是真实记录历史,它像股市的心电图,把投资者的行为结果,心态和情绪通过指标和色块记录下来。

...... 为了增加画面与人之间的互动来展示"我们都生活在股市之中"这样一种理念,在装置作品时,作者在透明的画面背后设计出一条1米 宽的通道让观众自 行进入到画面成为作品里的一个可移动的部分。观众参与展出不但可以强调作品的独到的艺术 思想,也能使画面从静止状 态上升到可互动状态,给作品带来活力与全新的艺术语境。  

......<< 股市交易系 统 >> 的图象是社会行为的产物,是由作者和无数股市投资人与观集体创作而成。

作品创意 : 喻干    作品制作 : 刘艳

<< 股市交易系统 >> 作者简介

喻干毕业于美国明尼苏达州大学美术系,1990年获艺术硕士学位。现任"美国中华艺术网股分有限公司"艺术总监,并担任复旦大学上海视觉艺术学院客座教授以及上海应用技术学院兼职教授。2000年喻干在纽约创建了中华艺术(www.eChinaArt.com)。作为连接东西方艺术的桥梁,该网站长期免费为中国艺术家进行展览和宣传,报道国际展览信息和进行中西方艺术研究与交流。作为一个艺术家和策展人,喻干的作品不断地在世界各地展出并受到国际媒体的广泛关注和介绍。喻干20多年来长期研究世界经济发展动向,从多种角度来揭示它与艺术市场的联系和对其所产生的影响。喻干对金融市场运作特别关注,提出"全球股市昼夜不停的接力交易每时每刻都在创造新的图像,这是人类历史上最大规模的群体行为艺术"的理论。在工作与创作的同时,喻干长期持坚写作,他的纪实散文、文艺批评及艺术家专访集<<足迹彼岸>>现正由复旦大学出版社出版,此书将于2012年夏季发行。  刘艳毕业于上海复旦大学经济系并在美国纽约市立大学时装设计学院和纽约帕尔森斯设计学院学习。刘艳现在纽约市从事电脑美术设计工作和艺术创作活动 。





上海角度画廊负责人 :

喻干刘艳,你们好!今天我去上海展览中心,看了你们的作品,很棒!很有当代艺术风范,而且形式非常新颖,我看几乎就是此次展览会上最精彩的当代艺术,无论是形式创造,主题阐释,社会内涵,都具有新意。我和李晓青相约一起去的,后来还碰到复旦大学艺术教育中心的王世靖老师。我还给他介绍了你们的作品,可惜你们没有来!希望在上海看到喻干更多的作品,刘艳你的设计作品挑选一批抽象的 放到油画布上,可能展览效果会很好,希望能够看到!发来我替你们拍摄的资料,看看现场。有一个老头在你们的作品前,谴责中国股市害人!!呵呵!许德民

喻干 你好,



Joy Of Innovation 2012, Shanghai International Science and Art Exhibition

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