China Academy of Art – 2015 Graduation Exhibition

中国美术学院2015年毕业展: 喻干作品"一座移动的山系列" / Yu Gan's A Moving Mountain Serie


A Moving Mountain Series, #2 Installation: Occupied Wall St (left), 265(H) x 193 (W) x 120 (D) cm, ink on rice paper, sculpture, news paper, posters, flyers and cans form the Occupied Wall St site in New York, 2014-2015.

"华尔街日记" 202件 / A Moving Mountain Series #1, Installation: Wall Street Diary (right), 260 (H) x 376 (W) x 26.5(D), ink, color, caving and tearing on the black matting board, 202 pieces of 8”x10” individual diaries selected from works made between 2010-2015.

"华尔街日记" 202件 / A Moving Mountain Series #1, Installation: Wall Street Diary (right), 260 (H) x 376 (W) x 26.5(D), ink, color, caving and tearing on the black matting board, 202 pieces of 8”x10” individual diaries selected from works made between 2010-2015.



YU, GAN 喻干


China Academy of Art

2012 2015: PhD in Chinese Painting

Columbia University

2013: Visiting Graduate Program in Art History

Minnesota State University - Mankato

1988 – 1990: Master of Arts in Studio Art

Shanghai Institute of Technology

1981 – 1984: Undergraduate Study in Studio Art


2000 Present: Founder and Executive Director of eChinaArt.com

2012 Present: Guest Professor, Shanghai Institute of Visual Art, Fudan University

1984 1988: Assistant Professor of Art at the College of Fine Arts, Shanghai University


2015: China Academy of Art Museum – PhD Graduation Group Exhibition, A Moving Mountain Series #1 and #2

2014: Liao He Art Museum – The Twelfth China National Exhibition of Fine Arts, <<Wall Street Series #1>>Has Been Presented

2014: China Academy of Art Museum – International Invitational, <<A Dow Moment>>Won the Prize of Excellence

2013: Chinese Art Gallery, San Leandro – Contemporary Chinese Inks: Works by Chen Daile, Li Yihan and Gan Yu

2012: Asia Art Miami– Booth C1 Represented by Ethan Cohen Fine Arts, << Dow Mountains>> #5 - #8 Have Been Presented

2012: University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh Art Gallery – Gan Yu’s Solo Exhibition <<A Moving Mountain>>

2012: Shanghai Exhibition Center – International Science and Art Exhibition, <<Trading System>> Won the Prize of Excellence

2012: Ethan Cohen Fine Arts, New York – “New Chinese Currency - Ink, Landscape and the Body”, Gan Yu’s 30 Works Presented

2006: Hammond Museum and Japanese Stroll Garden, New York– Gan Yu’s Solo Family Exhibition <<Three Generations>>

2005: Hammond Museum and Japanese Stroll Garden, New York – OBAG Group Exhibition: “Brush with Nature”

2002: Liu Hai Su Art Museum, Shanghai, China – Group Exhibition: “Works by Overseas Chinese Artists and Scholars”

2000: Yale China Association,New Haven – Gan Yu’s Solo Family Exhibition<<Father and Sons>>

2000: Hong Kong Museum of Art–“Inside and Out, New Chinese Art”, Gan Yu’s <<eChinaArt>> Has Been Introduced

2000: State University of New York, Albany, NY– Group Show, "Asian Art Exhibition at Annual Asian Pacific Conference"

1995: St. Johns University, NY–“125 th Annual National Works on Paper”, Gan Yu’s <<The Island>>Has Been Presented

1994: Agora Gallery, NY–"Textures and Space", Gan Yu’sSix Works of <<The Island Series>>Won the Prize of Excellence

1990: Minnesota State University, Mankato– Gan Yu’s Solo Exhibition<< Dialogue with Nature>>, 28 Artworks Has Been Presented

1986: National Art Museum of China , Beijing – “The Advancing Chinese Youth Fine Art Exhibition”, Painting <<Wind>> Presented

1985: Shanghai Art Museum, “The Advancing Chinese Youth Fine Art Exhibition – Shanghai”, Painting <<Wind>> Presented

Gan Yu’s many works have been exhibited or awarded prizes in China, USA, Japan and Europe since 1984.


2012: “Footprints Across The Ocean” by Yu Gan, Book, 325 Pages with 127 Pictures, Fudan University Press, Shanghai, China

2010: “Drawings by Gan Yu – Capture the Alluring Moment of Life”, Picture Album, Universal Art Press, New York, USA

2007: “Top Notch”, English Textbook Published by Pearson Education (Longman), Lesson III: Living with Art, Page 92, Unit 8, A Story about Gan Yu, His Family and a Website He Created to Promote the Chinese Art

2001: “Gan Yu and His eChinaArt.com”, Sino Vision Special Report, New York, USA

2000: “Father and Sons”, Exhibition Review, Yale University Bulletin (Mar 24, 2000), New Haven, USA

2000: “Asian Art Exhibition at Annual Asian Pacific Conference”, New York State University News Paper Report, Apr 2000

1999: “Asian-Art-Connection (Founded by Gan Yu)”, CNN News on CNN.com, Mar 1, 1999

1992: “ Chinese Art Gallery, San Francisco, CA – Solo Exhibition: " Visual Contemporary Works by Yu Gan"

1990: “Artist Fills a Gap”, Exhibition Review: Minnesota State UniversityNews Paper (Nov 6, 1990), Mankato, USA


Painting <<Wall Street Series>> #2 and #3, 200 x 228 cm Each Painting, Ink and Color on Oriental Paper, Started on Jul, 2014

Dissertation: “A Comparative Study between Kizil Cave Paintings in Xingjiang and the Mural Paintings at Santa Maria Antiqua in Rome: Reassess the Artistic Value of Kizil Antiques”

Conference: Working as a curatorial coordinator for “2016 Kizil Cave Painting International Symposium and Exhibition”

Article: “Go to Kizil, Go to Byzantine”, a Scholarly Essay of Gan Yu’s Researches at Kizil, New York, Rome and Berlin

We Live with Art


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