Birth: 6 th, July, 1984 in Shanghai

1999—2003 Shanghai Arts&Crafts College Commercial Painting

2003—2007 Shanghai Normal University Academy of fine Arts Engraving

2005—2006 ENSBA in Paris Jean-Pierre TANGUY Workshop

Main Works :

2005 , <Impression on the Bottle> Academic Prize in Young Artists Competition for the Memory of Impressionism Masters by LVMH 3 months further study in ENSBA in Paris

2005 , <1/2> in Shanghai Artworks Exhibition Shanghai Art Museum

2006 , Selected by Mangzhong Youth Engraving Exhibition Peninsula Art Museum

2006 , <Busy> in Youth Originality Arts Exhibition

2006 , <1/2> and <No.1 of Cola Tank set> in Shanghai young Artist Exhibition by Shanghai Mingyuan Art Center

2006 , <Pop Can on the Ground> in the 8 th Shanghai Engraving Exhibition Luxun Art Museum

2006 , <Fish has nothing> in National Comprehensive Engraving Exhibition Guangzhou Art Museum

2007 , Selected by Shanghai Guanlan International Engraving Biennia

2007 , Selected by Shanghai Peninsula Engraving Workshop Peninsula Art Museum

2007 , attend Shanghai Normal University Center of Arts Design

2007 , <Bottle> First Shanghai Contemporary Academy Engraving Exhibition Luxun Art Museum

2007 , <1+1≠2> in national engraving exhibition Winner Prize by Shanghai Art Museum

2007 , Paw—Young Artists Sculpture Exhibition Tan Shi Yi Hong Gallery

2007 , <Circle> , 3 rd piece of <1+1≠2> in Shanghai young Artists Exhibition by Shanghai Mingyuan Art Center

2007 , <Circle> and <Square> in Shanghai Arts Exhibition by Shanghai Art Museum

2008 , Photograph Work <Entrance> and <deadly temptation> by Xuhui Art Museum

2008 , <Circle> in National Art works Exhibition for the 30 th anniversary of Reform — Guangzhou Art Museum

2008 , New City New Life—the 10 th Shanghai International Art Festival First Prize by Yangpu Art Museum

2008 , 1 st piece of <1+1≠2> in Shanghai in Shanghai young Artists Exhibition by Shanghai Mingyuan Art Center

2008 , <Tu> in Peninsula Engraving Workshop Exhibition Peninsula Art Museum

2008 , <Square><Circle>1 st and 3 rd piece of <1+1≠2> Liu Haisu Museum

2008 , <1+1≠2> in Chinese Korean Japanese International Artists Exhibition NARANA Gallery

2009 , Shanghai Engraving Works Annual by Shanghai Library

2009 , Honeytrap ? — Contemporary Female Artists Exhibition Shanghai You Gallery

Works Collected:

2005 , <Constructed by Black and White> collected by Shanghai Normal University Academy of fine Arts

2007,<Circle-set> Colored Woodcut , collected by Shanghai Art Museum

2006 , Comprehensive Version <Fish has nothing> collected by Guangzhou Art Museum

2009 , 3 rd piece of <1+1≠2>collected by Shanghai Library


2006 , China University Culture—Contemporary Art Exhibition of Shanghai young Teachers Assistant Curator

2007 , Study by Shanghai University Academy of fine Arts—Peninsula Engraving workshop

2008 , Study by Peninsula Engraving Class

2008 , <Circle> published on<Chinese Engraving> Magazine 2007, 2 nd, Cover 1



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