Non-degree Programs

Non-degree programs are divided into long-term academic programs, short-term academic programs (including summer study abroad) and short-term Chinese cultural tours. Short-term programs are usually two to four weeks in length. Cultural tours vary in length. Short-term programs and cultural tours are catered to inividual needs.

Non-Degree Chinese Language Program

The non-degree Chinese language program is a foundational program for overseas non-resident students whose mother tongue is not Chinese. It includes, but not limited to, the following courses:

Chinese Intensive Reading

Students learn contemporary Chinese pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar in a systematic way in basic, intermediate and advanced levels. Basic level classes are conducted in English and Chinese. Intermediate and advanced classes are conducted in Chinese.

Spoken Chinese

In this course, students acquire basic, intermediate and advanced communication skills in Chinese. Correct pronunciation and intonation, proper speed, style and word choice is class objectives.

Multimedia Audio-Visual Chinese

The course enhances student vocabulary usage in different scenarios. Listening comprehension, sentence patterns and understanding of sentences, dialogues, articles and audio-visual material are the class’s objectives.

Chinese Culture

This course gives an overview of Chinese geography, history, politics, economy, culture and art. It aims to eliminate barriers in language learning resulted from cultural differences and misunderstanding, and help student improve Chinese language proficiency through cultural understanding and competency.

Non-degree Chinese Calligraphy Program

This program is catered to foreign students with Chinese Calligraphy Emulation, Seal Work Emulation, Creative Calligraphy and Ancient Chinese Language.

Through emulating the works of various calligraphers from different time periods, the Chinese Calligraphy Emulation courses teaches different structures, brush strokes and styles of Chinese calligraphy and the five major character types (the Kaishu, Lishu, Zhuanshu, Xingshu, and Caoshu).

Seal Work Emulation teaches the process, techniques and styles of seal making through emulating classic ancient seal works.

Creative Calligraphy requires student to analyze the brush stroke and character structures of traditional Chinese calligraphy and creative their own works of calligraphy art through emulating famous ancient calligraphers.

Ancient Chinese Language exposes students to the ancient Chinese written language through classic ancient Chinese literary works. Its objectives are to improve the students’ literacy of ancient Chinese and understanding of ancient Chinese literary works.

Contents of the above courses are subject to change according to individual students’ competency, needs and length of study so as to maximize their understanding and mastery of Chinese calligraphy.

Non-Degree Chinese Painting Program

There are two components to the Chinese painting program currently: Landscape Painting and Flower-and-bird Painting (the Figure Painting course will be coming soon).

The Landscape Painating Course

Introduction to Chinese Painting – this course is for students who are interested in Chinese painting but do not have much experience in the Chinese brush art. It gives an overview of the materials used in Chinese painting, basic brush strokes, painting techniques and styles. These contain the following major studies:

Fundamentals of Landscape Painting – students learn the basic forms and structures of mountains, rocks, trees, clouds and water mass in Chinese painting

Emulation of Ancient Paintings – the course teaches aesthetics and presentation styles of traditional Chinese landscape painting through emulation of classic ancient paintings

Landscape Sketching – students use their skills acquired from emulation in live sketching to create works of landscape painting

Creative Landscape – students create their own work of art on the foundation of emulation and sketching

Water and Ink Experimentation – students learn to create unique Chinese painting effects through experimentation with various inks and Xuan paper

The Flower-and-bird Course

Line Drawing Emulation – to enhance students’ understanding of basic forms of flowers and birds, brush strokes and line types in Chinese flower-and-bird painting

Free-style Flower-and-bird Emulation – the forms and presentation styles of the main subject matter in traditional Chinese flower-and-bird painting: plum blossoms, orchids, bamboo trees, chrysanthemum and other flowers, birds and insects

Fine Line Flower-and-bird Drawing Emulation – coloring of traditional Chinese flower-and-bird line drawing

Flower-and-bird Sketching – students learn the forms and structures of flowers and birds, composition and drawing techniques through sketching of live flowers and birds

Creative Flower-and-bird Painting – students create their own flower-and-bird art work on the foundation of emulation and sketching

Contents of the above courses are subject to change according to individual students’ competency, needs and length of study so as to maximize their understanding and mastery of Chinese painting.

Non-degree Short-term Chinese Cultural Tours

The short-term program of Chinese art and cultural tours are designed to encourage international artistic exchanges, promote the Chinese culture, and enhance the friendship with people of the world. We welcome any individual or organization interested in Chinese cultures and arts to contact us for the possible studies and tours in Hangzhou and vicinity areas. Our current short-term program: 2016 Summer Studio Courses and Cultural Tours Organized by the International College of China Academy of Art.




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