Selected Works by Ji Jianjie 吉建解作品选
Installation 2003,装置
Mixed Media 1997 ,综合材料
Mixed Media 1997,综合材料
Installation 1997.装置 。。
Mixed Media 2006 , 综合材料 Mixed Media 1998 , 综合材料 Mixed Media 1997,综合材料
Mixed Media 2003,综合材料
Mixed Media 2004,综合材料
Mixed Media 2004,综合材料
Mixed Media 2003, 综合材料

On behalf of the people of HawaiI', we wish to congratulate you for being invited to exhibit your works at the prestigious Shanghai Art Museum. You are very talented and we admire your passion for the arts. Your award-winning paintings capture the essence of your Chinese heritage and have shared your culture with the world. We are delighted they have been featured in venues throughout China and Japan, as well as by the State Foundation on Culture and Arts, Honolulu Academy of Arts and The Contemporary Museum.

Your successes have made both the University and the State of Hawaii very proud. Best wishes for a successful and memorable showing.

Linda Lingle, Governor, State of Hawai'i ; James R. "Duke" Aiona, Jr., Lieutenant Governor, State of Hawaii


夏威夷州州长:琳达.琳格; 夏威夷州副州长:詹姆斯.杜克


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