Selected works by Xu Bing

A Book from the Sky    
Brailliterate    (1993)
      A Case Study of Transference    
      New English Calligraphy     
      The Net    
      The Opening    
Panda Zoo     (1998)
      Art for the people    
      Helsinki-Himalayan Exchange     

       A Book from the Sky   (1987-1991)

A Book from The Sky took the artist over three years to complete. The installation is comprised of hand-printed books and ceiling scrolls containing four thousand intentionally false letter characters more

       Brailliterate    (1993)

Installation consists of a series of series of Braille books with false covers presented in a reading room. more

       A Case Study of Transference   (1994-1995)

The work consists of a performance by two live breeding pigs printed with false English and Chinese scripts. more

       New English Calligraphy   (1994-1998)

A system of writing consists of english alphabets written to resemble Chinese calligraphy. more

New English Calligraphy: reads "men women"

       The Net    (1997)

This installation is a collaborative between Xu Bing and the Eastern Illinois Art Department Students. The installation's primary feature is a "net" created by the students using aluminum wire to create words. more

       The Opening    (1998)

The Opening is an arrangement of mulberry branches in a vase treated with live silkworms. The silkworms are placed on the branches to eat the leaves. more

       Panda Zoo    (1998)

This performance demands that the viewer confront New Hampshire pigs (black and white) for what they are and what they resemble - panda bears. more

       Art for the People   (1998)

Commissioned by New York's Museum of Modern Art for an exhibition of banners entitled the projects series, the thirty-six foot banner hung outside the museum from November of 1999 to May of 2000. more

       Landscript   (2000)

Chinese, English and New English calligraphy on ten large window panes. more

       Helsinki-Himalayan Exchange    (1999-2000)

This installation is the result of an invitation by the Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art in Kiasma, Finnland, to participate in a Himalayan trek outside Katmandu more

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